Trish Gregory Cashmere Leaf-Lace Scarf

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Our cashmere leaf-lace pattern scarf is the perfect accompaniment to our other gorgeous cashmere products, designed to create a sophisticated look with a wide range of matching colours. The delicate leaf-lace pattern gives the scarf texture and depth as well as sense of airy lightness. 

The leaf-lace scarf, knitted from the finest, longest cashmere hairs, makes the perfect gift for women who appreciate the quality and luxury of gorgeous accessories. 

Cashmere is the world's most luxurious fibre. Combed from the soft layer of under-hair of the cashmere goat, this rare and precious fibre has been spun, dyed, and crafted into garments of pure pleasure.

Internationally recognised, multi-award-winning New Zealand designer Trish Gregory, a former judge of the NZ national fashion awards, has used her innovative design skills gained over a lifetime of passion for design, to create this exquisite international collection of cashmere.

Trish Gregory Cashmere is designed, and all the important decisions are made as to the construction and sizing, in the Trish Gregory studio in Auckland New Zealand, where the gorgeous colours that the Trish Gregory label is renowned for are also carefully chosen.

Next, the finest Cashmere yarn is selected on the open market ready for manufacture at our factory in China which is known for its high standards of production. For decades, China has been recognised as the leading manufacturer and producer of the highest quality cashmere.

Trish Gregory wishes to acknowledge and thank the many craftsmen that come together on this journey to ensure the finest quality garment is produced for the Trish Gregory brand.


Width 28 cm / 11 inches
Length 140 cm / 55 inches