Stripe Endless Scarf

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The runaway best-seller of the season, this striped endless scarf looks great and feels even better. Finely knitted from gorgeous New Zealand possum merino, it can be worn in a wide range of ways to create the perfect look. Warm, extremely light, and woven with contemporary two-tone stripes, it's no surprise that this is such a popular accessory. And because it's one size fits all, it makes a perfect gift.

Invented in the 1990s by spinning possum fur with New Zealand merino wool , possum merino is often called the 'cashmere of New Zealand', or the 'miracle fibre'. It is one of the warmest natural fibres in the world, 55% warmer than merino wool and 35% warmer than cashmere. It is soft, incredibly luxurious to touch, and extremely light. It's machine washable on a delicate cycle, anti-pill and anti-static. It retains its warmth even when wet, and dries quickly. Best of all, because the brushtail possum is an introduced pest that devastates New Zealand's natural resources, by buying possum merino you are helping to save the plant and animal life of this beautiful country.

This product is a luxurious blend 20% Possum, 70% Merino and 10% Silk. 

Approximate dimensions: 30cm width, 160cm around.