Multi Block Scarf

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Turn heads and keep snug with this gorgeous possum merino multi-block scarf, perfect for wrapping up when driving an open-top sports car - or popping down to the post office. We've nicknamed it the 'Doctor Who' scarf, as it's just the kind of scarf the good doctor wears - only warmer!

Available in a range of vibrant colours or soft, earthy tones, this makes a really thoughtful gift that looks great and taps into the preppy tradition of long coloured scarves.

The luxurious feel and warmth of possum merino is apparent from first touch. Above all, it’s the sensory experience of wearing possum merino that makes it so memorable.

But the miracle of possum merino lies in the extraordinary natural qualities of its components.

The possum fibre has a hollow core – a quality that is shared only by the fur of the Polar Bear. This is a material so naturally warm that it cannot be frozen, even when subjected to prolonged sub-zero temperatures.

As a natural insulation, possum fibre provides up to 50% more warmth than 100% merino wool alone. And its hollow core means that it is significantly and noticeably lighter than other natural fibres.  It’s the same weight as cashmere, but some 35% warmer and more durable.

Possum merino does not easily pill, is wrinkle resistant and doesn’t retain odour. It is naturally designed to breathe, using capillary action to draw moisture from the skin towards the surface of the material, where it evaporates. It retains its super-warm qualities even when wet, and it's shower resistant.

This product is a luxurious blend 40% Possum, 50% Merino and 10% Nylon. 

Approximate dimensions: 220cm X 22cm