Snug: comfortable, warm, and cosy; well protected from the weather or cold - Oxford English Dictionary


New Zealand makes and designs some of the world’s finest knitwear. From pure merino to possum-merino, cashmere to alpaca, New Zealanders have enjoyed the versatility, luxury and comfort of knitwear for generations.

Snug brings the luxurious experience of New Zealand knitwear to the world. 

We understand luxury and we embody New Zealand’s values of authenticity, ecological sustainability, and superb design. 

Proudly owned by New Zealanders, for eight years we operated from our store in the elegant surroundings of Queen's Arcade, in the heart of Auckland's luxury shopping district on Lower Queen Street.

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, we've now closed our retail store and we now operate online only.

All our orders are shipped from our premises in Auckland. We regret that it's not possible to welcome customers in-person, but we look forward to serving you online and via email.

Email: hello@snugnz.com / admin@snugnz.com